We undertake all manner of watch repairs from replacing watch crystals and crowns to the complete overhaul or restoration of a vintage timepieces.

Advice and estimates are gladly given free of charge and rough estimates can even be obtained via e-mail before posting your watch to us. Please note that an estimate will only be as accurate as the information you can provide us with and is for a very rough guide only. As each watch repair is always different from the next an accurate estimate can only really be given upon actual hands on inspection of the watch.

You can make an enquiry or request an estimate by sending us an email. Just follow the link below.

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The service of every watch whether its a quartz or mechanical watch includes the complete disassembly of all the movement. No short cuts!

Each part is carefully examined for damage or wear and where necessary replaced or repaired. The watch is cleaned while disassembled and is then again inspected while being reassembled. The watch is carefully checked and where necessary adjusted to ensure optimum performance. The watch is then oiled using the factory recommended lubricants and timed and regulated to be as accurate as possible on the latest state of the art test equipment. The movement is then re-fitted to its case and again tested and timed before being returned to the customer.

All work and components fitted during the repair or service come with a full one year warranty.

The case and bracelet are generally ultrasonically and steam cleaned as standard and a Case Refurbishment service is available upon request.

Generally battery and re-seals take 7 to 10 days and full repairs or service work is usually turned around within 3 - 4 weeks unless parts have to be specially ordered or sourced.

A Waterproofing Service is available where necessary and in some cases is included within the standard repair/service price.

We also offer a Dial Restoration service for damaged or stained dials as well as re-luminance of batons and hands.


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