When posting your watch please be sure to include the following:-

1/. The Watch. (Believe it or not, it has happened!)

2/. A small covering letter or a printed copy of our "Repair Enquiry Form". This should include: -

  • Your full postal address which the watch is to be returned to.

  • Your E-mail address so we can confirm receipt and verify the costs to repair your watch.

  • A Daytime Telephone number. (Where we can reach you, should we have any further queries or the E-mail does not get through)

  • A description of the watch and as many details as possible about the faults you are experiencing or the repairs you would like carried out.

    To ensure that the watch is well protected for transit we recommend that the watch is first wrapped in bubble wrap or a padded envelope and then placed in another padded envelope to add extra protection. Alternatively small boxes can be purchased from most post offices which will provide adequate protection.

    Please do not send your original presentation box or any of its packaging you wish returned, as it will only cost you more in postage both when you send and when we return it and it makes the repair more difficult for us to process. Watches have to be separated from the box for storage in our safes and we cannot guarantee the return of any watch boxes sent with the watch repair. Many presentation boxes often weigh more than the actual watch itself and thus we reserve the right to charge extra postage to return presentation boxes.

    Please send the complete watch including the strap or bracelet and nothing else. Please do not send movements only for repair unless we specifically request you to do so. We always recommend that for UK customers the watch is sent by Special Delivery and that the appropriate compensation level is chosen at the post office. Self-Seal tamper proof special delivery plastic envelopes are available from most post offices free of chage! Below is a list of Special Delivery charges from the post office with the corresponding compensation level and postage weights allowed. This list is correct as of September 2012.

    UK Recommended

    Compensation Value:

    250 UK pounds

    1,000 UK pounds

    2,500 UK pounds

    Item weight




    Up to 100g





















    Please note that our return postage charge is currently £10.00 Via Special Delivery and included compensation upto £2500. This post and packing charge is to cover the following costs :-

    Special Delivery Postage,
    Packaging & Envelopes,
    Franking or Postage costs,
    Collection costs charged by the Royal Mail.

    Please note that the maximum compensation available via Special Delivery is £2500 and that Time Repairs Limited is not responsible for any loss or damage to goods during transit where the the compensation available is less than the value of the goods. We do not intend to make a profit from postage costs and in fact in most circumstances often make a loss on the price charged for return postage.

    If you are sending your watch from outside of the UK, please contact us first to discuss postage details.

    There is currently a maximum of either £250 or £500 (Depending on the country) compensation available for watches returned from the UK to other countries. If you are sending your watch for repair from outside the United Kingdom please make sure that all the customs declarations are clearly marked "Watch Repair Only - No Customs Value " next to the "Declared value", or you will probably be charged import duty. It isn't necessary to pay Customs Duty Charges on items shipped for repair, but the documentation must be specifically and clearly marked. Any customs charges incurred as a result of improperly completed declarations, will be added to the overall cost of the repair/service. Items should still be insured against loss or damage so ensure you have confirmed the correct compensation for loss or damage with your carrier or Post Office.

    If you are sending your watch from outside of the UK, please contact us first to discuss postage details.

    We receive and dispatch the a large quantity of our watch repairs by Special Delivery post and have done so for some time now with very few problems, We believe this to be a safe and reliable method of trading if the above guidelines are followed. For added security and so as not to advertise what is in your package, please address your repairs as follows:

    T. R. L
    Unit E4, The Falcon Centre,
    Victoria Street, Chadderton,
    Oldham, Lanc's,
    OL9 0HB.

    TEL: +44 0161 763 7094       FAX: +44 0709 288 2044


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