Case Refurbishment & Vallets

Case restoration involves the stripping and restoration of most if not all case components. Cases often appear to be made from one or two pieces but are sometimes made from several or more individual components. This can include, the case body, case back, glass, upper and inner bezels, glass and retaining rings, crowns and pushers and bracelet or strap.

Once the case is completely stripped down it is first cleaned in an Ultra-sonic cleaning tank. This removes any dirt from small crevices in the case or bracelet that would not normally be removed with standard cleaning. Any dents or scratches are then removed with a specially designed rubberized polishing wheel which contains a light abrasive. When the scratches and dents have been removed the case is then finished to a high polish by polishing through successive different mops and polishing compounds. Finally any grained or satin finishes are applied to case to match as near as possible to its original design.

Stainless steel, Gold and silver cases can all be refurbished by the above procedures. Gold plated cases can obviously not be polished as this will removed the gold plating. In certain cases where the plating has began to wear the watch can be replated. This again is a lengthy procedure and so is usually only recommended where the watch has such a significant materials or sentimental value as to make it economically viable.

Case repairs can also be undertaken. This can be in the form of repairs to bezels, new bezels, broken lugs, hinge repairs and new bows.

Below are some links which contain pictures of watches and components where case repairs or restorations have been carried out.